"Empowering Progress, Cultivating Opportunities"

About ENSDA:

At Ewaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA), we are committed to catalyzing growth and driving government agendas that bring tangible change. Serving as a bridge between communities and government programs, we strive to amplify opportunities, resources, and development for every individual in our jurisdiction.

Ewaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA) is a pivotal force in Kenya’s developmental landscape, driving transformative government agendas and fostering sustainable community growth. As the leading enabler for communities to access pivotal government programs, ENSDA is at the forefront of initiatives such as Bamboo Commercialization, state-of-the-art Tannery and Leather Factory developments, and Integrated Tea Development strategies. Rooted in a mission to empower and uplift, ENSDA is redefining progress and ensuring that opportunities, resources, and benefits are accessible to all within its jurisdiction.

The Ewaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA) stands as a testament to community-driven progress, established under official government legislation. Crafted with the ethos of local empowerment at its core, ENSDA seamlessly marries grassroots initiatives with governmental support, ensuring a harmonious blend of top-down and bottom-up developmental approaches. As a community-based organization, ENSDA prioritizes the voices and needs of the very communities it serves, always striving to reflect their aspirations while being bolstered by the strength and direction provided by legislative backing.

Our Signature Projects:

1. Bamboo Commercialization

Harnessing the vast potential of bamboo, ENSDA is taking strides in commercializing this sustainable resource. Through our efforts, bamboo is not just a plant – it's the future of sustainable enterprise and green innovation.

2. Tannery and Leather Factory

Setting the gold standard in leather production, our tannery and leather factory ensures top-tier quality and sustainable practices. Join us in redefining the leather industry in Kenya and beyond.

3. Integrated Tea Development

Tea, a beloved beverage and significant export of Kenya, gets a fresh perspective at ENSDA. Through our integrated tea development initiatives, we're reshaping tea production, distribution, and innovation.

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