Key Milestones and Achievements of Ewaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA)

Greenhouse Project

One of ENSDA’s most notable achievements has been the initiation of a Greenhouse Project, a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation in the Ewaso Ng’iro South Basin. 

Leveraging enhanced technical capacity and innovative farming techniques, this milestone underscores ENSDA’s dedication to introducing forward-thinking agricultural solutions that not only boost local economies but also promote environmentally responsible practices.

Tea Development in Trans-Mara

ENSDA has been instrumental in catalyzing significant developments in the Tea sector of the Trans-Mara region. This milestone wasn’t achieved in isolation. Rooted in a multi-pronged approach that emphasizes results/output, employee dedication, and robust community and stakeholder involvement, the flourishing tea industry in Trans-Mara is a shining example of ENSDA’s holistic and inclusive developmental strategies. Recognizing the potential of the region, ENSDA has seamlessly merged traditional tea cultivation techniques with modern methodologies, paving the way for Trans-Mara to emerge as a key player in Kenya’s tea production landscape.

By relentlessly pursuing its vision and leveraging community involvement, ENSDA continues to set benchmarks in sustainable and integrated development. These milestones, from the Greenhouse project to the expansion of the Tea sector in Trans-Mara, stand as a testament to ENSDA’s commitment to driving transformative change in the Ewaso Ng’iro South Basin.